Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited

Application for Nursery Placement

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Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited
Application for Nursery Placement

Please complete one nursery placement form per child

Please tick below the sessions required:
Please note that due to the high demand for placements, these are only confirmed 6 months in advance and priority will be given to those children who wish to attend for four or more sessions per week.
Registration Fee & Deposit - Terms and Conditions
For children starting at Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited, a non-refundable registration fee of £35 is charged to secure a place. A deposit of £100 for placements is also required.
The deposit is refundable in the following Circumstances:
Your child has started their placement and attended a minimum of 3 full months or more. We request that the registration fee and deposit are paid at the time of placement Offer. The fee can be paid by card over the phone to our administration department. Please quote your child's full name as a reference.

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